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Handouts, Evaluations, & Attendance Attestations

Thank you for joining us! Education is a continuous journey and we have compiled resources from our distinguished panel to help you learn more about parental alienation.


Please give us your candid feedback to help us make improvements for future programs and events.

Session Links

Session 1 - Wendy Perry: Preparation and Partnerships for Parental Alienation Litigation


Session 2 - Keynote: Mark David Roseman, Ph.D.: To What Degree Does Parental Alienation Affect Children


Session 3 - Petra Deeter, Ph.D.: I Am That Child Fighting


Session 4 - Crysta Dillashaw: The Intern's Perspective: Learning the Roots


Session 5 - Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D.: Root Cause: Borderline & Narcissistic Parents


Session 6 - Tom King, J.D.: Parental Alienation is Real, Damaging, and Counterintuitive: Listen up Courts, You Can Make a Difference


Session 7 - Michelle Jones, MSW, LCSW & Jayna Haney, MS, LPC: Proving Parental Alienation in the Courts


Session 8 - Stephen Morrison, Ph.D.: Stopping the Entanglement

Session 9 - Michael Hiller, J.D.: Facing the Giants

Professionals Seeking Credit Hours for Continuing Education

  • CLEs - Legal professionals, judges & attorneys

  • CEUs - Mental Health providers (LSW, LMSW, LCSW, LPC, LMFT)

  • CPEs - Teachers & School Administrators (TEA Accredited)

To receive Continuing Education credit, attendees must:

  1. Complete an evaluation and attendance attestation for each session the attendee viewed; and

  2. Have been marked as present during the session as recorded by Zoom

Partial credit for attendees who missed sessions as well as make up opportunities  for those wishing to watch the symposium on-demand will be available as soon as possible.

Our Gratitude for Joining Us in a Conversation with Our Distinguished Panel Of Experts


Mark David Roseman, Ph.D.

Keynote Speaker

Jayna Haney, MS, LPC

Clinical Director & Therapist

Wendy Perry

Alienated Parent & Educator

Michael Hiller, J.D.

Family Law Attorney & Consultant

A. Michelle Jones, LCSW

Therapist, Evaluator & Advocate


Stephen Morrison, Ph.D.

Researcher, Writer & Lecturer

Daniel Fox, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Speaker & Author

Tom King, J.D.

Family Law Attorney & Mediator

Petra Deeter, Ph.D.

Alienated Child & Advocate

Dwilene Lindsey

Founder, CEO & Author


Children 4 Tomorrow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2009 and based in Houston, Texas, to protect children, support families and train professionals. It is a focused solution organization that aims to break the generational cycle of domestic violence, psychological abuse, toxic stress and ongoing trauma by addressing root causes that adversely affect children. The organization raises awareness and increases knowledge of psychological child abuse through many of its multi-disciplinary interventions. One of its unique programs is CFAT (Conflict Families Assessment & Treatment) for families that have been in and out of courts for years, doing the same things and getting the same results with children being put in the middle of the damaging chaos.

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