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Divorce Grieving

                            (A Calm Waters divorce grieving curriculum)

Mother and Daughter Love

The purpose of the Divorce Grieving Support Group is to provide children and families with emotional support in their grief journey caused by divorce, separation or change of custody. This is not a counseling service but a program that teaches healthy coping skills while working through the natural grieving process. We offer a safe place where children, teens, young adults and their families can share their grieving experiences. 

C4T's Divorce Grieving Program offers ages four-years to adults. In order to attend the groups, children must be aware that their parents are divorcing or separating. Co-parents who were married and going through a custody change my also attend a group. The different groups meet every other week; (a total of 9 sessions), in-person on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Family members are divided into age-appropriate groups including children, teens, and adult groups. All family members can attend or a single adult; (minors cannot attend groups without a guardian present). Both parents are welcome to attend as we have two adult groups so that each co-parent may attend their own group. Consistent attendance is most beneficial for the family. 

Once your registration form is received, a Children 4 Tomorrow's staff member will contact you to schedule an intake appointment. The intake appointment determines group readiness and is required for all who want to attend the Divorce Grieving Group. Call our office for more information - 713.660.0760. 



              This program was made possible through a grant provided by Houston Young Lawyers Foundation

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