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“The LEAP program has given me a more vivid view of emotional abuse, through all of the instruction and course content.”


Family Time
Happy Family

“Why isn’t our significant others sitting here beside us while we learn from our mistakes and work to better ourselves for the best interest of our kids?”


“The videos are powerful – the entire message needs to be heard by both parents. I wonder why the court doesn’t make this course mandatory instead of suggesting through the attorney so that both spouses get the benefits. This is sort of like marriage counseling instead of divorce counseling. It’s ultimately about the best interest of the child.”


Happy Young Family
Family at a Beach

“I am a coach and I recognize that I am not emotionally abusing my child but I see that my actions and words are emotionally hindering my students. I am so glad I took the course to have a clear understanding of emotional abuse and how it affects children’s lives not only now but later in their lives. So glad I took this class!”


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