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Kids Need Self-Care Motivation

Children today are under so much stress and strain that self-care isn’t typically at the forefront of their minds. Unfortunately, stress can have long-lasting, negative effects on the brain. The good news is that with kids it’s “monkey see, monkey do.” In other words, children behave in a way that mimics the actions of the adults in their lives. Be a role model by showcasing your own self-care habits and encouraging your kids to put themselves first.

Children 4 Tomorrow presents today’s post as just one of many resources for our students and families.

Modeling Self-Care

Kids are not the only ones that are under pressure these days. As parents, it can also be difficult for us to step away for self-care. But we must. If you want to show your children that they have to take care of themselves, you have to do the same. This includes eating healthy meals, drinking enough water, and caring for your mental health. A few more ideas include:


  • Establish rules and boundaries. Setting rules and boundaries is important for childhood development. It’s also crucial to help reduce your own stress levels, particularly if you are a work-at-home mom or dad. Rules, such as limiting access to your home office, can keep you on track, which will lower your stress levels since you won’t constantly be playing catch-up with work.


  • Spend time with your friends. Our social networks are crucial to our mental health. Sunshine Parenting explains that this is because, at least in part, because no single person can fill another person’s needs. We need our friends in adulthood as much as we did when we were children. Stay in touch with people you care about, and let your children know that sometimes you have to take on a role other than “mom” or “dad” and just be you with your peers.


  • Enjoy family dinners. Mealtime is more than just an opportunity to nourish your body, it can also help you bond with your family and even reduce the likelihood of depression or eating disorders. Plus, you can show your children how to maintain a healthy balance on your plate, and yes, that includes indulging in dessert once in a while.


Fun Strategies For Kids


No matter how much you model self-care, it also pays to encourage your children to do things just for them, even if they aren’t the things you’re doing. A few fun ways the kids can take care of themselves include:


  • Playing active video games. Kids today spend less time outdoors and more time behind the screen. This leads to stagnant lifestyles, which can cause a domino effect of bad decisions and poor health. Give your kids an opportunity to stay fit by sending them outside to play or having a little bit of competitive fun with their friends on active video games, like Dance Dance Revolution, which can actually burn more calories than jogging.


  • Reading. Reading offers children a valuable opportunity to relax, gain knowledge, and drift off into a world of wonder. If your kids need books, introduce them to your local library. For many kids, getting their first library card is a moment they remember their entire lives.


  • Doing art. Even if your kids aren’t the next Picasso, doing art has plenty of cognitive benefits for the little ones. Not only does art boost their creative thinking abilities but it also builds fine motor skills and refines their problem-solving abilities, according to Artful Parent.


  • Get outside together. There are many great ways for your family to get active outdoors, and even more great reasons why. Being outdoors decreases anxiety and increases mood, so take some time to get your yard safe and green. If you’re up for a long walk, consult a Walk Score map before you head out. It’s an easy way to evaluate the best places to walk nearby. You’ll be able to find great spots to enjoy a long walk together.

Children do what they are taught, and when they are taught to take care of themselves, they grow into healthy and happy adults that have lower stress levels. In today’s world, this is so important. Be a model for your children by showcasing healthy behaviors on your own, but don’t forget to give them the freedom to choose a few self-care measures of their own.


For more information about nurturing and supporting healthy growth and development of children, visit Children 4 Tomorrow today!

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