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Knowing about Parental Alienation 

  Healthy Family                                   Psychological Child Abuse "Parental Alienation"

"Parental Alienation" is a form of family violence. According to Dr. Jennifer Harman, "This complex form of aggression entails a parental figure engaging in the long-term use of a variety of aggressive behaviors to harm the relationship between their child and another parental hurt the other parental figure directly because of their relationship with the child. Like other forms of family violence, "parental alienation" has serious and negative consequences for family members, yet victims are often blamed for their experience."

                                                    Roles of individuals within "Parental Alienation"


Target parent  - a parent that is under attack with a campaign of hatred by the other parent, using the child as a vehicle for his or her hostile agenda.

Alienating parent - a wolf in a sheep's skin! They are the emotional abuser, a perpetrator of family violence in a silent and sneaky way that performs mental cruelty on the other parent and their own child(ren). They are obsessed with cutting their child(ren) out of the other parent's life, with manipulation and brainwashing. HOWEVER, many see this person as all loving and a "Wonderful" person - BUT remember this is the wolf in a sheep's skin. They are out to devour.


The separated child - a child that has endured mental cruelty by means of a parent who executes their hatred through their child(ren) by way of a brutal cut off of the other parent (target parent); this child has been weaponized by a unhinged parent through manipulation and brainwashing. The child(ren) has been convinced to fear the (target) parent in believing he is a monster, or bad person.  

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