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The purpose of the LEAP Program (parenting class) is to equip parents with the tools and techniques to assist with:

  • Understanding family law and legal terminology

  • Identifying the signs, symptoms and behaviors of emotional child abuse and prevention​

  • Practicing non-violent crises interventions to de-escalate hostility with the other parent  


To Register for the Leap Program (court approved parenting class) Click Here


Children 4 Tomorrow's targeted population is families with children going through a high conflict divorce. It has been reported by Harris County, that the disproportional confirmed victims of abuse/neglect in Harris County alone is 5.9 per 1,000 children to 10.2 children per 1,000 in Texas. With our mission as a child advocate and our personal understanding of the family conflicts stemming from divorce, C4T is a unique resource to the legal system, CPS, and therapists in making sound decisions that serve the best interest of a child.  


Children 4 Tomorrow has envisioned, developed and established the Learning About Emotions and Parenting program, LEAP. The LEAP program is structured based upon the curriculum tenets of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. C4T has invested its resources in this comprehensive training curriculum that restores emotional behaviors, creates strong interpersonal skills, promotes a dramatic change in lives, and reasserts a sense of hope in the future. The four course curriculum focuses on the law, emotional abuse, "parental alienation" and its consequences as well as healing after abuse. The four courses comprise of Family Law and Due Process; Emotions and Emotional Abuse; Emotional Abuse and its Consequences in the Family Structure; and Compassionate Care and Healing After Harm. The courses were developed utilizing subject matter experts in the professional disciplines of law, psychology, mental health and education. Each course has a unique perspective that determines the information base, raises awareness, increases knowledge and provides referral resources for participants. 


This 4-course program presents a certificate of completion at the end of the course suitable for submission to the Family Law Courts. This program allows professionals to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Units (PDU).

FAQ about LEAP Program (parenting class)

We believe our responsibility is to cultivate a caring and nurturing environment that promotes the child's best effort and reinforces positive personal development and self-esteem. The C4T LEAP Program (parenting class) is a key component to unlocking the door to the family of your dreams. Healthy parents today, makes healthy Children 4 Tomorrow!

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