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(Complex Family Assessment, (Diagnosis) & Treatment) 


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CFAT, is a "parental alienation" court service, that brings innovation to the courts for complex cases. We are the only organization pioneering this unique module. The Family Focused Treatment Plan is a data driven diagnostic tool that detects, separates, and identifies the type and nature of what is going on in a high conflict family; it determines the severity, the urgency of corrective action; analyzes modification needed in the family structure; and estimates future behaviors in the prognosis, given the presence and future state of the family. We treat each parent with empathy, concern, respect, and understanding. Our desire is to assist each parent in addressing their behaviors, past trauma, and coping mechanisms that may be unknowingly adversely impacting their relationships with their child(ren) and their co-parent as well as other relationships in their lives. 


The scholarship of this program goes beyond the average protocol of a typical mental health professionals education and training. Our certified trained mental health professionals are qualified to testify in the capacity as an expert witness. Mental health providers, treatment teams and amicus attorneys all work together to provide solutions. We create an effective working multi-disciplinary team whereby the judge can see our advocacy, expertise, transparency and unbiased approach. A vital part of our support system is to restore families in the best interest of the children. 

If you want to learn more about the program, contact Dwilene Lindsey at 713-660-0760 for a 20 minute phone consultation to get your questions answered. 

If you have a court order to take the assessment program, please complete the two forms below - Registration & Release Form.   

Please Upload & Send all required documents requested on the Registration form.

Once you complete the forms, please click HERE to complete the payment process.

For additional information about the CFAT Program, please click below.

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