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         All 4 Children   Supervised Visitation

All 4 Children is a therapeutic supervised visitation program that offer parents and children safety, neutrality and comfort for transfer and supervised access/visitation.


This program is made possible by a grant from Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA) and TEGNA Foundation.

WHAT: The program will provide a setting for the non-custodial parent to interact with their child/ren where they may establish good history that will be reported to the courts by un-bias third parties. It will give parents and their child/ren the opportunity to interact and have fun together. The organization has professional monitors who are trained to observe, document, and guide during the parent/child visit. They are all neutral, respectful, compassionate and vigilant with a nonjudgmental approach.

WHO: Any parent, guardian, or other family member with court orders seeking a neutral, family friendly venue for child transfer and supervised child access/visitation.

WHEN: All service times are flexible. Normal weekend schedule is Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with sessions scheduled for visitation between 10 am – 6 pm. Child transfer is generally available on Friday and Sunday’s between 5 pm and 6 pm. Additional times may be arranged for these services. Weekday, Holiday’s and evening appointments are also available.


HOW: Fees for Visitation and Monitored Child Exchange

            Initial Intake and Orientation: $100 per parent or guardian (non refundable)

            Standard Visitation: $60 per hour with 2 hour minimum

            Additional Hours: $55 an hour in consecutive hours

            Therapeutic Visitation: $90 - $175 per hour

            Monitored Child Exchange: $49 per one way exchange per day or evening

            For Additional Services: call for information and rates

Initial Intake and Orientation fee is for all services and is a separate fee.                                                 

Prepayment required for all services with credit card or money order.

After you download both PDF's (Contract Agreement and Guidelines) and prepay click here the Supervised Visitation fees then please call our office at 713.660.0760 to schedule your orientation. 


  • Gives the opportunity for a parent/child bonding relationship

  • Creates a healing place for the supervised parent through therapy

  • Provides child/ren and parents a sense of safety and enjoyment in a neutral place​​​

  • Minimizes the emotional hardship for children that commonly endure losing their parent

  • Decreases the emotional conflict between parents 

  • Professionally trained neutral third party



                            What We Provide:


                         Group Supervised Visits

                         Private Supervised Visits

                         Monitored Exchanges

                         Monitored Phone Calls




                             Domestic Violence

                             Mental Health Issues

                             Sexual Abuse

                             Physical Abuse

                              Parenting skills 









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