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Children 4 Tomorrow has developed the LEAP Program to educate individuals on emotional abuse and restoring skills to enhance a child’s future. The LEAP Program has been developed especially for parents, teachers, professionals and any adult that is interested in learning about the effects that emotional abuse has on children. The goal for this program is to train individuals to understand and recognize emotional child abuse. Individuals learn how to battle the effects of the abuse, recognize a child in an abusive situation, and regain personal hope to see a brighter future. Nurturing these skills is essential in reducing or eliminating the development of other serious behavioral problems. Children 4 Tomorrow recognizes the consequences of emotional abuse at different ages and developmental stages. This 4 course program presents a certificate of completion at the end of the course suitable for submission to the Harris County Family Law Court. This course series is also eligible for professional development units (PDU) and continuing education units (CEU).


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“The Privilege of Knowing”


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"A Child's Heart Looses All Hope"

"Signs Of Emotional Abuse"

"Facing Yourself"